Service Description

FraudArmor offers its Members Fully-Managed Identity Fraud Recovery services which include: Lost Document and Lost Wallet Assistance; optional Internet Monitoring Services with activation; check replacement; and funds advancement for losses from your checking account, up to $25,000 (that will later be credited back to FraudArmor by the Financial Institution), based upon a fraudulent act that involves a check or checks from an eligible check order or any other type of identity theft.

FraudArmor provides a certified Resolution Specialist to guide you in the management of the identity theft recovery process and to assist you with replacing critical documents that are lost, stolen, or destroyed (e.g. driver licenses, passports, birth certificates). In addition, FraudArmor provides an optional, proactive Internet Monitoring Service with activation for up to 13 personal or business credentials to detect potential fraud occurring on high-risk internet sites such as black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forum sites. The FraudArmor service is available for up to one year from the date your check order is shipped or until your use of the last check in your check order, whichever comes first.

FraudArmor defends your checks, accounts and identity

Fraudulent acts assisted by FraudArmor include: forged signatures, forged endorsements, altered checks (changes to the payee or the check amount), debit card and ACH fraud, credit card fraud, and most other consumer identity theft. FraudArmor helps with both financial and non-financial consumer fraud such as employment fraud, medical fraud, and internet fraud. When applicable, the Member must complete and provide certain documentation to the Resolution Specialist in order to receive fully-managed recovery services.

FraudArmor will provide replacement checks for the new checking account that is opened due to the fraud.

FraudArmor includes the following:

  • • Check Fraud Restoration
  • • Check Replacement
  • • Advancement up to $25,000
  • • Lost Wallet and Document Assistance
  • • Identity Restoration
  • • Internet Monitoring
  • • 1 year credit bureau monitoring or Dun & Bradstreet® reports (for fraud victims)
  • • 1 year follow up (for fraud victims)

Check Fraud Restoration & Advancement

The Service applies to personal or business checks that have been affected by forged signatures, forged endorsements and/or alteration. Resolution Specialists are available to assist Members should they have any questions or concerns about potential or suspected check fraud. In the event of check fraud, a dedicated Resolution Specialist will perform assisted or fully-managed restoration services and will coordinate with the Member's bank or financial institution.

"Fully-managed" means that in addition to advising Members on the best procedures to help prevent fraud or to respond to a fraud event, a Resolution Specialist may also act on the Member's behalf through a limited power of attorney.

The Service advances funds to the Member for losses that would later be credited to the Member's account by its financial institution. Funds, up to a maximum of $25,000 per fraud event, will be advanced for all checks to which the Service applies and within 72 hours of filing a criminal complaint and submitting all necessary documents.

If the Member should be forced to close the affected checking account due to fraud, the Resolution Specialist will assist with the check replacement process. The Resolution Specialist works in conjunction with the Member's financial institution and the check printer, allowing the Member to quickly resume normal financial transactions.

Identity Restoration

The Service applies broadly to the restoration of one's identity (individual or business).

A dedicated Resolution Specialist will perform assisted or fully-managed restoration services and will coordinate with the Member's financial institution and/or other agencies.

Resolution Specialists are available to assist with:

  1. 1. notifying and requesting replacement of government-issued identification such as driver's licenses, Social Security cards and passports;
  2. 2. notifying the three national credit bureaus to place fraud alerts on the Member's credit reports, and reviewing such reports to identify evidence of the fraud or identity theft event;
  3. 3. notifying banks, credit card companies and merchants as directed by the Member to freeze or close any accounts compromised by the fraud or identity theft event;
  4. 4. 1notifying the Federal Trade Commission and reporting the identity theft event;
  5. 5. coordinating with credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies, government agencies, and/or merchants.

Lost Document & Wallet Assistance

A dedicated Resolution Specialist is available to answer questions and to assist with lost documents and wallet contents. The Resolution Specialist will assist with cancellation and/or replacement of lost documents such as credit cards, birth certificates, licenses and government-issued documents.

Internet Monitoring

Information reaching the internet's black market is traded, sold, and re-sold on a daily basis through black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forums. If the Member’s information is found in these areas, theft has already occurred and the Member needs to act quickly by contacting a Resolution Specialist. FraudArmor will monitor these sites, chat rooms and databases and will notify the Member in the event that their information is found.

Internet Monitoring is optional and is provided at no additional cost; it requires activation at FraudArmor securely stores the information provided by the Member. FraudArmor will monitor the following credentials provided by the Member:

For Consumers:

  • • 1 individual name
  • • 1 street address
  • • 1 e-mail address
  • • 3 telephone numbers
  • • 1 Social Security number
  • • 6 bank account or credit card numbers

For Businesses:

  • • 1 business owner, officer or a member of the board of directors
  • • 1 business street address
  • • 1 business e-mail address
  • • 3 business telephone numbers
  • • 1 Social Security number for EIN*
  • • 6 business bank account or credit card numbers

* EIN is publically available, can be stored but not monitored.

Credit Monitoring and Follow-up Restoration

Credit Monitoring and Follow-up Restoration services are provided to the Member following an identity theft event. Even after the resolution of the fraud event, a dedicated Resolution Specialist will be available to perform assisted or fully-managed restoration services on behalf of victims and coordinate with Member's financial institution and/or other agencies.

Changes to a Member's credit report that they did not initiate can be the first sign of fraud. This Service synchronizes with the credit bureau, alerting the Member any time there are changes or new activity on their credit file. This allows the Member to validate that the credit related activity is their own. The Service provides e-mail alerts and/or phone notifications of all changes to the Member's credit report.

Business owners will have access to their Dun & Bradstreet report on a quarterly basis to help monitor and prevent any future fraud.

Service Level Definitions


The owner of the Company includes any natural person who is the owner, proprietor or general partner of the Company who:

  • • owns at least a 20% portion of the stock or ownership interest, and
  • • holds executive authority in the Company and who otherwise controls the management of the business.


A full-time employee of the Company identified in the organizational documents on file with the appropriate state agency as the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer of the Company

Member of Board of Directors:

An elected or appointed Member of the Company's board of directors.

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